Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have said this so many times, that i want to get a tattoo but when i get the money for it i spend it on clothes WELL THIS TIME I AM DETERMINANT! to get it.
but of what thou ? :/ 
         i love these..

ooo this one is cool the never stop dreaming, i like the mouth and the text too, hummm 
i have some thinking to do ..


  1. I do love those two with birds. They are really cool. And I'm quite like you, whenever i've got money for my first tattoo, i spend it elsewhere.

    Sorry if i'm making a lot of english mistakes, i'm french ;)


  2. oh don't worry hun , i too make a lot of mistakes no worries C=, yeh i don't know why i do that, maybe i am scared >.> oooh scary just thinking about it lol