Sunday, December 12, 2010

For 2011 I want to be braver,

I want to tell him that I have a crush on him, and would like to talk to him and not look shy or look stupid, come on luck be on my said just this once.

I don’t know if I have a crush on him, or love him, we have not spoken not once. But he keeps on looking at me, or I think he is, I don’t want to be wrong I don’t like that thought even if he doesn’t like me or think I am pathetic every time I look at him, I don’t want one day looking at him giving me the look of your not even worth talking to because your fat and ugly, I will live in a dream where I can look at him from far and not get hurt. Every time I look at him I just inside feels like flouting and now even now I’m writing about him I feel that too, but even it feels good, there is a frown on my face, and I feel like crying because I can’t talk to him because we are strangers. If someone is reading this and saying he’s a jerk or something, he’s not really, he looks so sweet and shy when he talks to his friends, ughhh this is killing me I don’t know what this is I’m feeling I don’t even know the guy, I only see him on Friday when I have photography class. So for 2011 please I beg I just want to have a little small exchange of words with him that’s all I am asking.


  1. Great to find a fellow canadian blogger :)
    and as for your post, you don't have to wait for luck hun, go for and say hi. You control your destiny xo

  2. you dont have to do anything too drastic. like the comment above says, just try being friendly at first. good luck :D