Saturday, December 4, 2010

Have you ever been so upset you just completely broke down alone by yourself. Your parents can't tell and nor can your friends because you hide it behind a smile. You know you're not okay. Yet again, no one knows how you feel and you don't bother telling them because they have their own lives to deal with. So you store all your problems, all your sorrow, all your tears, all your hurt and all your pain. You'll take it out some other day, but not today.. Today's not the day. Because here's to the nights you dealt with more than you bargained for. All those sleepless nights crying so hard you couldn't breathe. To the nights you couldn't wait till everybody grew up because you were sick of them judging you. To all those nights you wish things would just get bettter. To all those good nights that turned to bad. To all those nights you wish you were older. To those nights that unfortunately came too soon.
yes i have, more then ones, i wish i had the courage to talk to someone, or tel them how i really feel, but every time try to say it, something comes up and i ignore it and say it's ok i am fin. 

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  1. Hey Sara
    When i read this, it totally broke my heart. I can relate to this and i know how your feeling right now. It hurts when i'm feeling like this.

    You know that feeling that there will always be missing in your heart. Like emptiness inside you like a hole but you don't know what it is. Its like when your in a room full of crowded people and you are screaming in the top of your lungs and no one even looks up. People will ask you "how are you?" but you say you are doing good but your not okay.

    It is always good to talk to someone. Im here for you Sara. You are my bff. Dont you ever forget that.