Thursday, April 7, 2011

magazine project incomplete.

ok so this was really fun, i can't wait to start to make the cover.
btw this is not a real life project, it's a school assignment, in one class i had to shoot the pictures and in the other one i have to edit them and make a real magazine, so i choose INDIE magazine. My friend mark was an awesome model we had a good time and it was so fun.

anyway here are the pictures from the shoot.

notice how they are not sharp, good lol i didn't want it to be sharp or professional looking, just want it to have a ghost feeling like, umm you'll know what i mean when i post the complete thing :)


  1. Oooh these are awesome, can't wait to see the project in it's entirety.

  2. thanks love ehhe me too, i love working on projects that i like to work on, it makes homework so much fun and easy.

  3. I think they look really cool the way you shot them.

  4. love the eccentricity

  5. :) thank you all, same here :P

  6. This is LOVELY! Like it allot!! Great colors. :)

    jessica rae