Saturday, April 23, 2011

reach for the stars

so i was going throw my closet and i noticed that i have a lot of comic/characters t shirts, i had a quest a while a got to get as many as i can get but i totally forgot about it so now I'm going to start collecting them again :)

i have about 12-13 i think, the girl in the photos is my sister.

by the way click on the pictures to get a bigger view. 

i also made gifs :) click to view them.

 ok so where do i get them, i get that question a lot, so these are not girls shirts, it's guys, yes guys why? well if you go to the stores look at the quality of the girls ties, it sucks like really sucks they starch and look really wired on you (well me if you are a plus size girl you'll know what i mean) and they last me like 2 or 3 washes and start to fade away real fast. So i started to get guys shirts and omg the quality is so good it's a thicker fabric and better pictures on them so it started with on and i end up with 12 more lol but i want more like 50 more it's so fun they have everything it's so awesome. So where do i get them so far i got 3 from blue-notes and 3 from wall mart and one from spencers and i think from adidas and that's about it.  

also here is the pictures individually.