Monday, December 5, 2011

i'm ok, i'm fine.

"i'm ok, and i'm fine, really"
but i'm not i feel like shit, every time things get better with family, they fall apart again, and again and AGAIN!, i'm so tired i can't handle it anymore it's getting so bad that i don't even come home from school anymore. I can't tell my mom that i need depression pills cuz she'll laugh at me and say i just want attention, i need to talk to someone i want someone to listen but i have no one, i just want to know how to handle this, i swear one more day of this and i'm gone, i used to say that i love my life outside of my house and i wouldn't like it if i killed my self because i love life too much but lately these past 2 weeks i feel nothing i want nothing i just want to rest for a long long time.

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