Monday, May 14, 2012


picture taken by me and also edited

 the girl behind the camera what is that?? well it's the girl who loves everyone's face action personalty but her's, she might act as if she has a tough personalty and always happy, giving advise to everyone but her self, that's the girl behind the camera. that's me but no one knows that nobody it gets harder everyday for me to live happy i keep stressing about things well can you blame me finally my life was going the right direction but i got fired and now it's back to the old one, the daughter without a job and who just failed another year at college yep that's me, i wanna say that out loud to someone but everyone in my house wont understand anything am feeling so i have to pretend to be ok so they don't start saying you need a therapist........sometimes it gets better it does but most of the time it's the same life same routine at home, nobody is home only me and my brother and he's a gamer sometimes i think he's depressed too because of the way he's acting it's like looking at myself 3 years ago when it started, but i think the painting am doing and the thinks I'm fixing at home it's making it better.


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  2. I know the feeling, but it does get better. Take care you.

    / Avy

    1. yah it does, but someday it's just ughhh and some days are good that's life.