Monday, May 28, 2012

follow your dreams..

I'm the last person to tell you to follow your dreams, i used to have dreams, i still kinda do.....but i discoverer something about myself these past couple of years that, I'm full of shit, i give up on everything once i try it out i changed my education three times changed my mind about shit god knows how much but on the out side I'm full of lies and the perfect life, i wanted to study graphic design i still is , my parents said go for it they believe in me more then i do, but i failed my last semester with an average of 0% yep fucking 0% i just get tired of trying i don't talk to teacher when i find they massed up something of mine i just let it go i don't fight hared enough, and now my account is on hold they wont let me register again nor apply for grants, by the way my parents don't know that i got kicked out ....... every time they ask my house class i say it was awesome but in fact i'm at the library downtown just doing nothing but personal shit like taking pictures of books or drawing ...... really how long is this going to last ....... i'm 22 well in July 3rd, and i just got fired so a 22 year old fat girl without a job and lives with her parents ............. yep that's my fun life. 

this is the view from the library i go to everyday
nice view sometimes i stare at it for minutes without doing anything,
it just makes me feel safer somehow.....i don't know why really it's just apartments and strangers live in


  1. Life is how you choose to see it, the only one who determine how your life will turn out is you. I believe that everything happens for a reason, graphic design wasn't for you, there is probably something better out there for you, you just need to find it?
    I hope things start to look up for you,

  2. Oh yeah, i really like that photo, maybe photography? haha :)