Thursday, May 24, 2012

what a week

what a crazy lovely week I've had.

i've been so blessed with friends and parents and a dog who i can't live without but a person is always not satisfied with what they have, as for me some days i'm thankful and some day's am just like mmmmmmhhhmmmmm...... what if ........ bad thoughts..just bloody bad... what if..

so happy birthday Patrick you're party was really fun, it was the first party of our summer, it's safe to say that my summer had a good start because there so much good times coming up i will make sure of that. i've never had fun like that in party in a very very very long time, i think it was about a year ago since i had this much fun :P it was good to see all of us at the start and now i'm sure we are going to make the best of this summer :)

Victoria day was fun too, mmm my family don't usually celebrate it just me and my sister go out to see fire works but this year i insisted to do something at home and have fireworks and family over just like any other Canadian family :P 

So finally Chris is back holly shit i miss / missed this kid soooooo much he was studying in France for 5 month and chilled / drudged / parted with french people, oh and studied lol. he's like a brother to me i don't know a friend where i'm close with like Chris, it was such a tough time when he was gone because there was so many things to talk about and gossip and sad moments, we call each other chuck and blair but with out sex/love looooooooooooooooooooool but yah so glad he was back.

 ok soooo.. my birthday is coming up and i'm going to have a Tribal mexican type of dress code and theme, and it's ganna be in my backyard so i'm getting so many lights and stuff, i'm ganna buy while the time pass it's in July 3rd on a Tuesday but i'm ganna make it on Saturday :) 


ahhh before i forgot i made these silly gifs 

hah ahaaahahahah they look really funny

this what happens when you drink


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