Tuesday, July 10, 2012

finally out there

i need to try new things i need to talk to new people i need to understand new things, i mean if i keep hanging out with the same person for the rest of my life then nothing new will happen but 2 years ago i wouldn't have said that i would've been like "wtf are you crazy these people are your friends and you can't just choose to go and hangout with someone new just cuz you feel like it"

but what i mean by new people i mean if i stay at home all the time and not contact my art friends outside of my circle i wont succeed as a photographer/fashion designer ish/ and a graphic artiest yes i am combining these things together because i studied all three of them well the longest would have been graphic design, but yah i need to get my work out side of my house and my computer.

i just got featured in a local city magazine my art it's unbelievably amazing you can see the work on flicker or here ( 10 illustration featured in Paged Magazine ) the lunching party is this Friday wow i'm still shocked this is amazing for me at least big deal, but you know what hurts the girl who i call my best friend the one who wants to be stuck in the past declined the invitation without giving me any reason i dounno maybe she didn't understand it but i'm kinda sad/mad at the fact she did that so i haven't even mentioned it to her because i don't want a pity good job sara ....... 

and speaking for out there i signed up to society6.com all i do is post my work and when you buy it they produce it for you and i only get 3.50 US so if 50 people buy something i would have like 175 something like that would be amazing considering i my tuition is on hold and i cant go back and finish my last year and graduate i just got fired and i have 500 left so.....sad life. 

here is the site by the way


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