Thursday, July 12, 2012

HYPE “Beats the Heat”

HYPE is  (Hamilton Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs) is a casual networking group - it was my first time attending as well as chris, the best compliment we got was " oh we thought you guys were from Toronto " ha ha haaaaaahahahahaahhahahah best thing ever 

and we got our pictures taking by a lovely blogger/photographer check her out 

meet new people talked to new faces it was a really good time, so we decided this is not going to be our first and last we need to go out and be part of our community more as to start making a change :)  

snapped some pictures 

~ fin ~


  1. Love these photos ! Thank you for stopping by and the comment, I just followed you back:)

    have a nice weekend :)

  2. Thanks a bunch for these photos! You're too talented and stunning! See you tonight!

    1. oh thank you hun, i love your work as well it's amazing <33333

  3. omg your friend's necklace is stunning <3 i'm glad you had fun!