Thursday, August 16, 2012

الورد الاحمر

ورد الاحمر mean the red rose El Ward El Ahmar 
it's a song title of my favorite Arabic/Lebanese singer samo zaen <3

so the outfit has noooo red in it what so ever, but i am opposition over this song i have to repeat for the past 3 days yes yes i'm crazy, but i love him and they actually call the the prince of romance lol lame but sooooooo true lol

summer is going by so fast holly shit slow down man :/ even thou i don't really care i mean i have no school this year but i still want summer to be longer :/

so here is more picture of my week so far.


samuel larsen why are you so fucking hot

samo zaen <33

so teen wolf is over season two is, but why why whhhhhy do we have to wait a year for a new one it's so un cool come on mtv i think there should be 2 season a year unless you're on HBO
i fucking miss them already, if you guys haven't seen teen wolf, it's a must see show

 where do we go now? (W - H A L L A ’ - L A - W A Y N ) is such a kick ass movie.
I’m pretty sure Takla is the biggest badass in movie history, not sure why she didn’t win some sort of award for “most badass character in a foreign movie” Nadine Labaki you’re fucking awesome! love her.

the movie tells the story of a remote, isolated unnamed Lebanese village inhabited by both Muslims and Christians. The village is surrounded by land mines and only reachable by a small bridge. As civil strife engulfed the country, the women in the village learn of this fact and try, by various means and to varying success, to keep their men in the dark, sabotaging the village radio, then destroying the village TV. 

Definitely one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Yes. In my whole life! This movie was fantastic. Makes you look at the sadness and darkness surrounding war, and death. Makes You realize that we have more important things in life to be fighting for than just religion.
The soundtrack and the cinematography are awesome! Nadine has true talent when it comes to visual beauty. This woman deserves more than a blog posts, tweets or even few minutes of applause the people in the movie theaters gave her. she deserves a full blown standing ovation.
I need to stop talking because I don’t want to spoil the movie for you so you could enjoy watching it like I did.
Now leave everything in your hands & go watch it. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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